I live in Austin, Texas with my husband and daughter. We aim to be intentional with our money so that we can devote much of our time to civic projects, travel and other creative endeavors. My favorite pursuit is being unbusy with my toddler.

Growing up in a consumer culture, I’ve had to dig deep to figure out the difference between living a life and having a lifestyle.  I spend a lot of time mulling over simplicity & frugality; gratitude & abundance; grow or pause. My love of personal finance stems from a reality check in my late twenties that I need to work with money in order to be the architect of my life. Spreadsheets and planning are the bedrock of a life on my own terms. I also found my way to reiki as a recipient and learned how to give energy as well. This training has taught me to always take the time to have the perspective of how I am connected to the same ‘thread’ as everyone else.

I named this blog Prosperity & Participation for two reasons. One, I believe that money is too narrow a way to measure wealth. Real prosperity takes into account many forms of abundance. Participation is because sometimes personal finance can get a touch isolationist. Money is about giving and receiving value. It’s about an exchange of efforts between people. It can buy you free time, shelter, or a purchase that allows a fellow person to pursue their craft or gifts. Money can embody how we participate in our communities. Then there is Participation as in Civic Participation. Yes, I swear that if you get involved in your communities it will help your bottom line in measurable ways, and immeasurable ways.

Thank you for joining me,



All of the content of this blog are my viewpoints and should be regarded as entertainment and food for thought. I am not a financial advisor.