Coming out of my personal winter dormancy

We take two breaks a year to slow way down and create a lot of space for ourselves physically and mentally. The first break occurs around the Holidays. We head up to the Northeast to visit friends and family and focus on nurturing those relationships. We live really far away from our families and we only get to see each other if getting on an airplane is involved. While away, we’re also not responsible for upkeep in our house, our families lovingly put meals in front of us, and we take a break from our work. It’s also very cold and snowy. While up in Vermont this year with temperatures below zero almost every day, we reached ‘peak boredom’. We had nowhere to go, nothing to be done, and we just sat for long stretches while our toddler enthusiastically unpacked bins of barbies from my childhood.

I also took some space from the new projects I have begun, this blog and my wood print business. I just let them sort of sit on the back burner and lie dormant as well. Between February 17th and March 22nd I am slated to attend and sell at five makers markets. When I set out to figure out what income producing opportunities I wanted to pursue (we are not financially independent and we do need to make money), I knew that based on my personality that I needed to design my own ‘jobs’ that incorporated my nature. I can’t keep up a consistent pace of effort and enthusiasm. I need breaks, cycles and seasons in my life. One of the bonuses of self-employment is designing your schedule. One of the benefits of taking joy out of looking over our budgets and spreadsheets every day, is allocating our dollars to create security and space for ourselves. Free time is my favorite luxury good. Waking up to a day of unknowns is my happy place. That means an empty day on the calendar here and there, or traveling to new places to explore.





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