Putting Life Before Lifestyle

The most consistent messaging most of us receive from the outside world has been about appearances: what to look like; what to wear; what to drive; how to furnish our homes and the lifestyle to aim for. One could spend a lifetime keeping up with the messaging and it would always provide something new to pursue. Consumer culture can offer you a purpose, a way to pass the time, a way to use your money . . . a way to use it all up and miss out on the opportunity to plan bigger for ourselves.

What is a life? It’s our relationships and the communities we participate in. A life is how we spend our limited time and energy. A life is our interests and gifts and how we offer value to others. A life is about receiving and giving wisdom and teachings.

There are many people that will have to use their time and energy and money to simply subsist. There are a few people that have so much money that they don’t need to optimize for money, just time and energy. Then there are the rest of us. We have a certain amount of time, money, and energy. It is in our hands to optimize for all three. Many of us live life on auto-pilot and our time, money and energy goes so quickly that we never have a chance to be proactive with it. The web has made it easier than ever before to let things take our money, often on an impulse.

My goal at Prosperity & Participation, is to help us delve deeper into what it means to be proactively prioritizing ourselves with our resources. Personal finance is one of the pillars of building a thriving life because it teaches us to leverage our limited resources to make the essence of our lives better.



All of the content in this blog are my viewpoints and should be regarded as entertainment and food for thought. I am not a financial advisor.





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