How a Feeling Board can guide your money choices

Always a student of life, I’ve started the ritual of creating feeling boards to help guide my daily actions. Here is my latest rendition which will give you an idea of how to proceed. For myself, a vision board with pictures felt consumer based. As if acquiring or getting my life to look a certain way would make me happy. A feeling board cuts through the fluff and gets to the essence of how we want our time here to feel. 

Vision Board

Notice that connectedness and freedom are big components of my feeling board. For me that represents a lot of free time and choice with how to spend it. The choices we make on how to spend our free time in my family tend to be on civic activities that bolster our community and sense of rootedness and connectedness. Interestingly, my husband’s board has words like solve and exert. I can certify that he lives those feelings every day.

Questioning the merits of feelings based budgets? At the very least we can all agree that when we are exhausted, sick, stressed or in emotional turmoil, that we aren’t able to be proactive money managers and that we make decisions that don’t serve us in the long run. Feelings matter folks, we’re all human. I’m not going to focus on mitigation here, I believe in focusing on what we want to manifest more often. 

I’m working on a version of my budget through the lens of this exercise  and I can’t wait to share a draft soon!


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